Feminism | Posted by Maren H on 05/3/2010

How Feminism Helps Everyone (Not Just The Women)

feminism is for everybody!

feminism is for everybody!

Feminism has changed and evolved throughout history; so has public regard towards it. From the suffragettes to the reproductive revolutionists, all feminists, though separated into many facets all have one superior goal; to empower, to ensure well-being, health and good quality of life of women all over the world.

Today, Feminists are often seen as the enemy to men, determined to deflate the power of the phallus and kick men off the throne and into oppression with our Birkenstocks and unshaven legs. There are countless thoughts on what feminism is and what we do. There are certainly women calling themselves feminists who believe that women should be elevated to a higher social level than men, however; this is hardly the case with the majority of feminists.…

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Feminism | Posted by Taylor S on 12/17/2009

An Old School Family

I grew up in an old school family. I am a second generation Hungarian immigrant, and first generation Canadian immigrant. Our family unites all of central Europe: Hungary, Croatia, former Yugoslavia, and Romania. Some of my fondest memories are of eating tongue, heart, and testicles at huge parties where no one spoke English. What made a stronger impression on me, however, is the lifestyle and customs of my family. Since they immigrated when they were very old, my baka and nagyapát (grandmother and grandfather), from opposite branches of the family, have different point of views on gender roles that have influenced my life.

My baka happily accepts her place as the quiet, puttering maid in the background, not getting involved in the business of the menfolk. She considers it her …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 10/8/2009

Why I Want to be Swedish

Your shiny exterior fails to fool me, Toys R Us. YOU ARE EVIL!!!

Your shiny exterior fails to fool me, Toys R Us. YOU ARE EVIL!!!

Lemondrop.com is reporting that Swedish-based consumer advocacy group Reklamombudsmannen (love the name…) made a claim against Toys ‘R’ Us for featuring “outdated gender roles” in their 2008 Christmas catalog.

It’s baller that somebody did something about the ridiculously gender segregated toys in that store (and in many toy stores). But that’s not even the best part.

Apparently, this claim originated from a Stockholm sixth-grade class’s school project. As Lemondrop reports:

The class examined the toy catalog, which showed boys playing in “action-filled environments” as superheroes, while girls are shown “sitting or standing in passive poses” dressed up in princess costumes. The kids felt that the scenes reinforced a subjective idea of normal play, and filed a complaint

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Feminism | Posted by Nellie B on 09/4/2009

Dealing with Terms of “Endearment”

Hey, Hon, youre doing really well on that assignment! ...Perhaps not.

"Hey, Hon, you're doing really well on that assignment! SMILEY FACE FOR YOU!" ...Perhaps not.

As I began my senior year of high school yesterday, I was reminded of how frustrating it is to be young and female at the mercy of  patronizing teachers.

Now, many of my teachers are fine people who are good at their job.  Unfortunately, some, usually male teachers, take the liberty of assuming that my peers, because we are young and female, are named “Sweetie,” “Babe” and “Hon.”  These uncomfortable “terms of endearment,” as I suppose these patronizing monikers qualify as, are not meant to be degrading and uncomfortable. I’m sure the intent is that us gals should be flattered that we are called pet names.  However, as I’d like to remind them, I am …

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