Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/27/2013

Saturday Vids: Nothing To Prove — Geek Girls and the Double Clicks

Women have written about the discrimination “geek girls” face before on the FBomb — but now there’s an anthem for all the girls out there who have been bullied or undermined about their passion. “Nothing to Prove” from The Doubleclicks (a band of two sisters) created this video featuring shots of proud, geeky women holding up signs about their experiences as women in “nerdy” culture. And it’s amazing.

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Feminism | Posted by Molly W on 06/18/2012

Geek Culture and Male Privilege

an example of a "Friend Zone Fiona" meme

Spend any time on website like 9Gag or Memebase (and you know you do), and you’ll quickly realize that most of these websites are populated by guys. Men are both the readers and the ones creating and submitting the content. As a girl who spends time on these websites, I find myself discouraged and disenfranchised all the time. I’m constantly being told that the contents of my underwear disqualify me from being a big nerd, and it just isn’t true.

This isn’t uncommon by any means. Geek girls have always dealt with male privilege within their communities. Take a look at some comic books and video games. A guy looking for himself in a comic book is going to find what he …

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