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Feminist Click Moments



In honor of the Feminist Portrait Project’s Blog Carnival, (part of Feminist Coming Out Day) I’m re-posting an article I wrote this past summer about my feminist “click” moment, which I originally wrote in honor of the incomparable Courtney Martin’s book Click: When We Knew We Were Feminists. Below the article are links to some of my favorite other Click moments from FBomb readers/submitters. Feel free to add your own click moments in the comments!


I had always thought that feminism was a gradual progression for me. In eighth grade, my entire grade had to research a topic of our choice and then deliver a speech to the entire middle school about it. I chose to research female feticide after reading an article about the practice …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 12/18/2010

Saturday Vids: Glamour Magazine and The Girl on Page 194

Over a year ago, Glamour Magazine printed a photo of model Lizzi Miller (known to many as the "girl on page 194"). Despite the fact that she is a "plus size" model, which seems to be something magazines don't think the general public wants to see, the reaction was overwhelmingly positive. Glamour then followed up with a group shot of plus-sized models, promising to continue to include more images of plus-sized models in their magazines. Here's an interview Ellen DeGeneres did with the models last year: I guess the point of bringing this up again is that I hope this wasn't just a passing fad or media stunt. I want to remind everybody that this happened. In all honesty, I haven't picked up a Glamour Magazine in a while and I'm wondering: has anybody noticed that Glamour made good on their promise? Do they employ plus sized models? Has anybody seen mainstream magazines that do?

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 10/3/2009

Glamour Keeps the Body Love Coming

Ellens cool.

Ellen's super cool

So, my Mom is kind of Ellen DeGeneres’s biggest fan, and more often than not at 4:00 pm the sound of the Ellen DeGeneres Show’s theme song resounds throughout our house. This past Thursday, as part of one of my more recent campaigns of procrastination against a Lit paper, I wandered over to watch with my Mom.

As much as I also love Ellen, and love the show, her guests are usually celebrities who really irk me for their lack of a) talent and b) interesting things to say. But today, replacing such guests, were a group of beautiful women, who I didn’t immediately recognize.

Oh, hey, they’re not famous, I thought. Then, oh, hey, they’re not suffering from an eating disorder they like to shrug and

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Jessica S on 08/22/2009

Glamour Magazine’s September Issue Gets it Right

I do not read Glamour magazine. My sister’s friend, however, does. So when flipping through the September issue with them, I was happy to see this:

A non-airbrushed photo of model Lizzie Miller.

Miller is a 20 year old model, and technically at a size 12-14, she is not plus sized. But in the world of modeling, she is definitely not the norm.

Glamour recieved an outcry of support for the normal sized model, and emails thanked the magazine for putting a woman with everyday, normal curves and rolls in the magazine.

And Lizzi is grateful, too. She says:

“When I read them I got teary-eyed!” she says. “I’ve been that girl, flipping through magazines trying to find just one person who looked a little bit like me. And when

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 04/8/2009

Miley Cyrus is glamourous!

oh how glamourous 


oh how glamourous


I don’t want to be a hater. I also don’t want to give off the impression that I specifically hate Miley Cyrus, because in reality I don’t hate Miley Cyrus. I don’t know Miley, and besides her proclivity for mentioning Jesus and purity a lot I bet we could be really good friends. Why not. 

But I seriously have a problem with her being on the cover of Glamour magazine. She is sixteen years old. Glamour magazine is a magazine for adult women. I’m honestly not sure what angle they’re taking on this one…(more)

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