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Why Don’t Teen Girls Identify as Feminists?

Barnard College

Barnard College

I’ll just get it out of the way: Barnard’s Young Women’s Leadership Institute was an amazing program, and one of the best experiences of my life. We had some really awesome speakers/workshops (including Ingrid Dahl from the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls – awesome) and really engaging teachers. But that’s not what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about are the approximately 55 girls who were selected for this program – the future women leaders of America – and what they thought about feminism.

I signed up for this program thinking, “Awesome! I can’t wait for all the insightful feminist conversations I’m going to have! So many young feminists in one place, we’re practically going to take over the world!” And yet, this …

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How Are Teenage Girls Supposed to Identify as Feminists With These Role Models?

not (necessarily) a teenage feminist

not (necessarily) a teenage feminist

She’s staring at me like I’ve just insinuated she embodies the anti-Christ. “A feminist? No, I’m not a feminist. Oh my God.” Despite the fact that this classmate of mine just spent ten minutes ranting about how a woman has the right to choose and thinks anybody who disagrees is archaic, she is equally appalled at the thought of labeling herself as a feminist. Am I frustrated? Yes. But as a teenage feminist, I’m used to it.

Teenage feminists are a mighty minority. You may find us in the malls, mingling amongst girls who carry bags plastered with the image of a naked torso and the word “Abercrombie.” We’re even at football games, willingly crushed between excited pubescent bodies. Maybe we’re the girls in the …

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Today is Sunday…

…and I’m really tired. So here are a bunch of other things to check out while I’m probably sleeping until dinner. Yayyy! 

On Speedboats, Albania’s Sex Trade Could Flare – NY Times

An Interview with Arianna Huffington – Forbes

Q&A with Gloria Steinem – The Seattle Times

Q&A with Jessica Valenti about her new book The Purity Myth — RH Reality Check

’30 Rock’ gets 22 Emmy Nominations (yesss) — LA Times

because I know you’ll all really appreciate this…
Seventeen has an extra-special quiz where you can find out what your accessories say about you.

You. Are. Welcome.

Happy Sunday!

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retro Gloria

Just watch...she's always been awesome. I enjoy the use of the phrase "groovy chick."

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Gloria Steinem: The Iconic Feminist Speaks to our Generation

Gloria and Me!

Gloria and Me

Who is Gloria Steinem?

Any given teenage girl can rattle off the most intimate details about random T.V. starlets, but so many of us are unaware of a woman who has had so much impact on our lives just because she doesn’t throw herself into the media.

Gloria Steinem is a badass and deserves greater appreciation from our generation.
More concretely, she is a feminist activist, organizer, writer and lecturer. She co-founded magazines like Ms. Magazine, which is still a great feminist read, and helped to found organizations such as the Ms. Foundation for Women, Choice USA, and the Women’s Media Center.

She’s written about everything from advertising to networking, but what she’s probably most known for is her expose on the Playboy organization, for which

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