Creative | Posted by Hannah S on 09/10/2010

Half The Sky

Over the summer, I read Half the Sky. The entire book was incredible, but I was moved by the chapter on the sex trafficking industry. I wrote this story as a way to try to imagine what that experience must be like. After all, though I am American, with just a slight twist of fate I so easily could have been one of these girls.

There is a fly buzzing by my head. I can see three more scuttling on the wall. In my peripheral vision there are posters hanging pathetically. I try to ignore the pornographic images. I already know the images too well. Far better then any girl my age should. My own experiences are burned into my memory. Painted behind my eyelids.

I try to keep my …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 09/8/2010

Do It Anyway

In my opinion, Courtney Martin is one of the coolest people ever. I appreciate nothing more than honesty – especially when backed up by intelligence and clear hard work – and nobody is more emblematic of such qualities than Courtney. So, when I heard that she has a new book out called Do It Anyway - a book profiling 8 activists – you can imagine my excitement. The goal of writing this book, Courtney says, was to, find, ”examples of ordinary young people who were making change and feeling hopeful about it.”  

Personally, I’ve been thinking about activism a lot lately. I’m taking an elective at school called Gender, Culture, Power (taught, of course, by the same teacher that handed me Full Frontal Feminism in 9th grade) and the summer …

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