Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 12/11/2010

Saturday Vids: Confessions of a Hipster

I love Confessions of a Hipster. I also like it when teen girls make super successful YouTube videos.

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 09/18/2010

Saturday Vids: Confessions of a Hipster

We all know this person. Rock on to “xOphoeniXfeath3r” for making me laugh as much as this video did.

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Awareness, Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 07/10/2009

well wtf am i supposed to buy?

So apparently there are no clothing options for me that are both ethical purchases and not something my grandma would squeal over. 

Over at jezebel they posted about the Urban Outfitter’s Ethics Survey – basically checking whether employees will smoke pot on the job or not, or more accurately, whether or not they can effectively lie. 68 statements that you can either strongly agree-disagree with, and unless you are a complete idiot, you should be hired soon enough. 

With statements like: 

Most employees get high on the job at one time or another.
Smoking a marijuana cigarette is the same as having a drink.
Some people work as well slightly high as they do sober.


They seem a little preoccupied with the marijuana. I’ve been in that store a lot …

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