Feminism | Posted by Nicole J on 08/21/2013

It’s The Small Things That Count

What is passion? First, you discover something — maybe a sport, a hobby, or even a problem in your community.  The “something” (whatever it is) snatches a bit of your soul.  Without the “something,” you feel a little empty — you’re hooked.  You can’t stop playing the sport, doing the hobby, or pondering solutions to the community issue. Passion drives us.  It feels so good to do what you love.

My “something” is creating teddy bears and recruiting other bear-makers. Before you laugh at me, hear me out: in 2010, I was hospitalized for anorexia.  The visiting hours in the eating disorder unit were limited.  At night, I wished that the doctors would release me. I wanted to be home again. While I was in the hospital, I received stuffed …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Dina L on 03/10/2011

GaGa: The Image of a Pop-Star

I was lucky enough to recently see Lady Gaga in concert–it was fantastic. She was fantastic (her voice is really good), the show was fantastic, and the world that she created onstage was fantastic. If you’ve ever seen her live or in a video, you know what I mean. If you ever, ever get a chance to see her in concert, go–it was that good.

One thing that stood out about her show was the way the she constantly reminded the audience of the fact that she–or at the least the version of herself that she is onstage–is fake. She is a reflection of what her listeners and audience expect and what from her; she is there to be whatever we want and need her to be. Towards the beginning …

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 10/10/2009

Gwen: The Homeless Doll

is this the country club doll? no...this is the homeless doll.

is this the country club doll? no...this is the homeless doll.

I’m not kidding. The same people who brought you Rebecca Rubin,  Jewish doll by day, eco terrorist by night, are now introducing Gwen, the Homeless Doll.

Now, I’ve had my problems with the American Girl Dolls in the past. Mainly, I feel that in a lot of ways, though they may be trying to introduce young girls to the concept that, “hey, everybody is different” they are in many ways stereotyping diversity (“You’re Jewish? Do you come with candlesticks and your bubbie’s blanket, too?). But this new doll is just something else completely.

On the one hand, I think spreading awareness about homelessness is definitely a positive thing. We tend to think of the homeless as drug-addicted bums, …

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