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Redefining Masculinity

Newsweek: Man Up

Newsweek: Man Up

With all of this talk of the new woman, it only makes sense that society would begin to contemplate the new man. Newsweek attempted to transform a worn down male identity into a modern lifestyle. Though this may have been the goal of “Man Up!”, I felt personally insulted by this story. The message it sent to me was much less appealing, and frankly, quite narrow-minded.

According to this article, masculinity can only be defined within the domain of an archetypal American household. The modern man defines himself, as always, by his home, his wife, and his 2.3 children All the article suggests that men do is start to look after the kids some more. I have more faith in men than that.

To be a modern …

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Jenny Schecter of the L-Word: bi-sibility...almost

Jenny Schecter of the L-Word: bi-sibility...almost

Usually when I first meet someone I never tell them I am bisexual. It never comes up in conversation. In fact I wait until I know that I can trust someone enough to tell them. I hate secrets because when I was young kept a lot of things from my parents, including my budding bisexuality. When I did tell them all I got was “Can’t you choose? Can’t you just be straight?” It was so typical. Basic biphobia for you.

When I watch T.V. people are either straight or gay: never both. We barely see bi people on T.V. or movies. When they do appear, they do not self-identify as bisexual. They’re just themselves. Meet Jenny Schecter of the L Word. First she is …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Anna S on 07/7/2010

Pretty Little Liars and Teen Sexuality

Pretty Little Liars: healthy teen sexuality overpowers the un-dead prom queen vibe

Pretty Little Liars: healthy teen sexuality overpowers the undead prom queen vibe

Pretty Little Liars– yes, that Pretty Little Liars, the one on ABC Family with the ads that looked like it was a show about undead prom queens– is, at least kinda, doing teen sexuality right.

I’m just as surprised as you are. This is a show that looked dumb, sounded dumb, and, honestly, is pretty dumb. But I like how they’re handling teen girls’ sexuality on the show, even though I still can’t quite openly admit that I watch it.
First off, lemme lay down the nitty-gritty of the show: queen bee Allison mysteriously disappears, leaving her four BFFs like “WTF?” Flash-forward a year later, and the BFFs are, respectively: 1.) returning from Iceland, 2.) athletic, 3.) …

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The Super Bowl and Abortion

2010 Super Bowl

2010 Super Bowl

This year I, like nearly 100 million other Americans, will watch the super bowl. However, this fact has very little to do with the game of football. I have no idea what occurs in this game, and if you asked me to name more than 3 football games I’d probably just walk away. The few times I’ve gone to see my high school team play I’ve left even more confused than before. No, I watch the super bowl for the ads.

Let’s be honest, the ads are awesome. About 99% of the time I watch T.V. ads make me want to bang my  head against a cement block repeatedly (a lethal combination of sexist and stupid), Super Bowl ads are different. First of all, they’re well put …

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Uganda Be Kidding Me

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Let me see if I have this…

There exists something called the “Anti-Homosexuality Bill of 2009” in Uganda and through this bill, if you are gay you can receive life in prison, execution through hanging and even 3 years in prison for knowing somebody is gay.

There is a group of political Christians (debatably a “secret” society) called “The Family” which includes Chuck Grassley, who has had influence in Uganda, and my BFF Stupak, who I guess took money that was to be used for causes in Africa, and instead put it into abstinence only sex education methods.

Richard Cohen runs an organization called the “International Healing Foundation” which has …

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Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 11/25/2009

Corduroy Skirts are a Sin

So, it’s Thanksgiving break and my brother just came home from college with plenty of stories about the happenings of the Syracuse drama department. I love me some Spring Awakening and Next to Normal, but other than mainstream Broadway I’m pretty much out of the loop when it comes to drama, and sort of just nodded along to the stories. But then, my brother told me about an impromptu protest that started amongst the students and faculty of his department. After hearing about FBomb blogger Leah’s protesting against Stupak, I was pretty stoked to hear about another instance of student activism.

Last week at Syracuse University, Michelle Deferio, Syracuse resident (not student), and her father stood on a street corner on campus holding a sign that read, “Homosexuality is …

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Back On Track

“And you know what they say–it’s in your DNA!”
-Avenue Q, “If You Were Gay”

I stumbled upon this rather classic questionnaire here:

I decided to fill it out both to
A) Have some fun looking at heterosexuality from a more, well, non heteronormative standpoint
B) Make a more serious point about some of the mistaken beliefs people hold about being LGBTQ/etc. and show the utter absurdity of asking some of these questions for anything more than philosophical reasons.

couldnt find a straight pride flag. somebody should tell the pope to get on that.

apparently there's no "straight pride" flag. somebody should tell the pope to get on that.



1. What do you think caused your heterosexuality?

Well, I don’t completely know. I guess you could say it was some kind of genetic thing, or the amount of hormones I was exposed to …

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