Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 12/10/2011

Saturday Vids: Teen Social Entrepreneurship and Nika Water

I came across this video a couple of weeks ago when I was procrastinating on Facebook. I’m Facebook friends with Nina Church — we were actually BFF’s in pre-school before her family moved to California — and saw that she posted this video of her and her brother’s TED talk. It turns out that she’s a teen advocate for social entrepreneurship (as is explained in the video) and that her family runs the company Nika water, which sells bottled water and donates the profits towards providing clean water in impoverished countries. It’s a great company and their video is really inspiring, so definitely check it out!

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 09/8/2010

Do It Anyway

In my opinion, Courtney Martin is one of the coolest people ever. I appreciate nothing more than honesty – especially when backed up by intelligence and clear hard work – and nobody is more emblematic of such qualities than Courtney. So, when I heard that she has a new book out called Do It Anyway - a book profiling 8 activists – you can imagine my excitement. The goal of writing this book, Courtney says, was to, find, ”examples of ordinary young people who were making change and feeling hopeful about it.”  

Personally, I’ve been thinking about activism a lot lately. I’m taking an elective at school called Gender, Culture, Power (taught, of course, by the same teacher that handed me Full Frontal Feminism in 9th grade) and the summer …

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Feminism | Posted by Lily-Rose H on 04/19/2010

Thoughts on Feminism

When I was in first form my Indian teacher told me that feminism was to differentiate yourself from the door mat. It meant respect for others, but mostly respect for your self. Feminism is the ability to not only stand up for what you believe in as a woman but love and the high esteem you hold for yourself and the rest of the world.

I have long ago associated being a feminist with being a humanitarian. In my opinion, the world has forgotten what it means to fight for justice at all cost. Equal rights are important but  being your brothers keeper is more important, because only then can we get closer to achieving world peace.

Our great hope lies in encouraging all that is good not forcibly repressing …

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