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To Gossip Mags, Regarding Kim Kardashian

We made it! Kim and Kanye just had their daughter, and I think its fair to say that this is pop culture history. Like all great journeys to historical moments, there were some bumps along the way–like the way you treated Kim and her pregnant body. Remember all those headlines about her weight gain? I was mad about them then, and I’m mad about them now. Like, are you kidding me?

She had a person growing inside of her! She is a millionaire with like 15 businesses and she was promoting them while pregnant but you were just like “man, look at this fatty! She must be up to something!” I mean, God forbid a woman have the audacity to be in public while pregnant, right?

The outrage about her …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Talia on 01/25/2011

Boycott “Monster”

misogyny in pop culture at its peak

misogyny in pop culture at its peak

When I first read this article on Experimentations of a Teenage Feminist, the first thing I said to myself was “good God.” It wasn’t a good “good God.” It was a BAD “good God.” A REALLY, REALLY, REALLY, HORRIFICALLY BAD “good God.”

Apparently, parts of Kanye West’s upcoming music video for the single “Monster” were leaked online. (I would like to point out that the album’s title is My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.) In the video, half-naked women are drugged or dead, hanging from chains, as West, Jay-Z, Rick Ross, and Bon Iver make sexual advances towards them. Nicki Minaj also makes an appearance in the video.

The lyrics of the song are pretty bad, too. Bon Iver asks, “Are you willing …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 11/10/2009

Taylor Swift’s SNL Monologue

In case you missed it…

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TaySwift v. Kanye

So, I didn’t actually see the epic show down between Kanye and Taylor Swift. The VMA’s aren’t really my thing. But you better believe I youtubed it as soon as humanly possible and came up with this:

And I get that everybody was pissed off on behalf of Taylor Swift. I mean, what a terrible situation. There you are, thinking this is a great moment in your career, and then this asshole comes on stage and not only insults you, but leaves you in front of an audience of millions, just standing there. I mean What. The. Hell. Kanye, that sucks. 

But I mean, Kanye has proven that he’s a jerk before. Remember in 2006 at the EMAs when his ‘Touch the Sky’ video lost Best Video? He crashed the …

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