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TaySwift v. Kanye

So, I didn’t actually see the epic show down between Kanye and Taylor Swift. The VMA’s aren’t really my thing. But you better believe I youtubed it as soon as humanly possible and came up with this:

And I get that everybody was pissed off on behalf of Taylor Swift. I mean, what a terrible situation. There you are, thinking this is a great moment in your career, and then this asshole comes on stage and not only insults you, but leaves you in front of an audience of millions, just standing there. I mean What. The. Hell. Kanye, that sucks. 

But I mean, Kanye has proven that he’s a jerk before. Remember in 2006 at the EMAs when his ‘Touch the Sky’ video lost Best Video? He crashed the …

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Miss Israel Swimsuit Competition and Duah Fares

The Huffington Post recently reported about Duah Fares, an Arab-Israeli teenager who wants to enter the Miss Israel pageant. 

Duah Fares

Duah Fares

Now, I kind of hate beauty pageants. I mean I just think they’re completely unnecessary and promote the objectification of women and valuing beauty above all else (obviously). And for those people who say it’s “confidence-building” and that of course there is a “question and answer” section that proves these competitions care about women’s minds…just, no. If you want to build confidence and care about your mind, join one of those teams that builds robots, like Rock N’ Roll Robots. Or something along those lines. That said, I have no idea what’s available to young girls in Israel…but I’m pretty sure there must be something other than beauty pageants. …

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Link Love

Happy Thursday! Here are some cool links I’ve deemed worthy of sharing: 

The Good

Nikol Hasler

Nikol Hasler

Nikol Hasler from the Midwest Teen Sex Show apparently now writes an advice column for Milwaukee Magazine. I know what you’re thinking: Milwaukee Magazine has an advice column focused on issues of teen sex? MILWAUKEE is the progressive one who recognizes the sexual problems of teenagers, and all people for that matter, as truly important? WTF? Well, not quite. It’s pretty general advice for the most part, but it’s Nikol Hasler, so it’s awesome. Good job, Milwaukee, good job.

Here is one column focused on sex and here is the most recent one about forgetfulness. Archives here.



Also SARAH HASKINS HAS A NEW TARGET WOMEN. yayyayayayayyayay!!!! And apparently it was recently Sarah’s …

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Gossip Roundup

Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam is ago! THANK GOD!!!!! Apparently, Demi and the Purity Ring Trio return to Camp Rock to find out that many of the students and teachers have turned to the dark side and joined the rival Rock Camp! [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="280" caption="Kevin Jonas's hair in this picture. That is all."]Kevin Jonass hair in this picture. That is all.[/caption] Bill O'Reilly slams Michael Jackson. Disgustingly inappropriate? It's Bill O'Reilly...so always.

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