Feminism | Posted by Chloe H on 04/21/2017

The Sexism Of Summer Internships

Workplace discrimination starts early

Workplace discrimination starts early

Almost every college student I know seems aware they should have at least one internship under their belt before graduating. So, as a current sophomore at UC Berkeley, I also started diligently applying for summer internships in February. I see an internship as a way to gain valuable work experience, make professional connections, and build my resume. Unfortunately, the quest to find a Bay Area internship has been incredibly stressful and disheartening—and has highlighted challenges that I will soon face as a young woman entering the workforce.

For a month, I spent hours scrolling through postings on Handshake (UC Berkeley’s platform for professional recruitment), LinkedIn, and Google. I scoured for internships I found interesting, for which I was qualified, and that were paid. The more time …

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Feminism | Posted by Tasha S on 06/20/2014

Hurdling The Confidence Gap

We need more confident women, like Hillary!

Think about the last time you received a compliment. For many women it’s so hard to say “thank you” that we actually turn to self-deprecation. For example, one of my friends is so unbelievably talented at crafting yet she is often so critical of her own work. She constantly points out the mis-stroke of her paintbrush or where something doesn’t line up properly instead of being proud of what she’s created.

This confidence gap, in which women fail to believe in themselves and/or the quality of their work, is detrimental in the professional world. I know there have been times when I didn’t pursue opportunities because I thought someone “more qualified” or “better suited” would most definitely be selected even when I literally …

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Feminism | Posted by Courtney B on 03/26/2014

What Exactly Do We Mean By Equal?

I am a feminist. I wear shirts that say “Riots not Diets” and tweet articles about women’s issues. I am the founder of the feminist club on the campus of my women’s college. I could probably take someone down with my feminist, pro-equality, social justice rhetoric. But it seems to me that there is a disconnect between fighting for these issues, for women, men, and trans*people to have equal opportunities, in my relatively comfortable feminist bubble and the real world.

I want to kick and scream about women’s issues because I am a woman, and damnit, you better hear me roar. But by doing this, I feel like I’m also ostracizing myself from the rest of the world, like I’m counter-productively labeling myself as different when I’m ultimately fighting for …

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