Feminism | Posted by Nellie B on 07/25/2009

Vandalize Gay


American Apparels Legalize Gay T-shirt

American Apparel's "Legalize Gay" T-shirt

In my nominally liberal suburb of Washington, D.C., the sight of two mommies or daddies and their adorable offspring is not uncommon.  In fact, the suburb adjacent to mine, renowned as a bastion of hippies, boasts one of the highest numbers of lesbian households in the nation.  While pride parades don’t exactly march down the street, HRC Equality bumper stickers are plastered on every other car.  So, my community was fairly shocked when the local American Apparel’s “Legalize Gay” window display was destroyed on Wednesday.

The unknown vandal smashed a window, though nothing was stolen, according to the Washington City Paper.  The Georgetown location of American Apparel also received a threatening phone call.

Now, I have my issues with American Apparel.  Their sexist ad campaigns …

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