Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 09/11/2011

Support Women Artists Sunday: Womenpalooza 2

So it is 1 A.M. Friday night (Saturday Morning? I never know) and whereas most people are thinking, “Hey so uh sleeeep.” I was thinking, “Let’s hop on a bus so I can get down to Chicago in time for Saturday!” Moral of the story: ride the Megabus, its cheap. Also, while the red eye buses have amazing availability, it is really hard to sleep when you are on the way to Lollapalooza. After sleeping only a few hours off and on, I was there.

So we leave our bags in our hotel, do the whole Starbucks thing, and then head over. Saturday’s lineup was incredible. Staying at one stage I got to be front row for 8 different wonderful artists, half of them female. So yadda yadda yadda, I’ll …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 08/28/2011

Support Women Artists Sunday: Womenpalooza

First of all let me say that attending Lollapalooza is one of the most fun experiences you could possibly have and I’m lucky enough to have gone for a third straight year. I will now pause for you all to get over the momentary jealousy you are no doubt experiencing. Also, in case you were unaware, Lollapalooza is a three day rock festival put on in Grant Park every year with over 120 bands playing on 8 stages over the three days. This year Lolla was sold out, making capacity reach 90k each day. So, pause two for any people late on the jealousy parade.

At first I was kind of bummed to see the lack of a female band as a headliner this year. The previous two years I …

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 08/7/2009

Care Bears on Fire


Care Bears on Fire!

Care Bears on Fire!

It was a summer afternoon like any other. I was sprawled across the couch with a pack of twizzlers in one hand and a large iced coffee in the other, two food-items that are essential to my survival. The N was having a Degrassi-a-thon (the actors look like me! I can relate to them!). I was ready to remain in this position of idealistic laziness for a good four to six hours. 

Now, the N plays music videos between episodes. Generally this is when I get up to get more food (I’m actually not obese, although I’m not sure how) but I was already nursing my food-baby, so didn’t move. Through the sugar-coma haze, I saw the complete awesomeness that is Care Bears on Fire playing …

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