Pop-Culture | Posted by A. on 01/15/2011

Saturday Vids: Modern Lady on Bridalplasty

As soon as I heard about the new reality show "Bridalplasty" on E!, I knew I had to share its absurdity with other rational beings. On this show, engaged women compete in various wedding-themed challeges for two prizes. And what might they be? A free wedding and extreme plastic surgery. Able to phrase my disgust in a much more comical fashion is Erin Gibson in a segment of infomania's Modern Lady, in which she dissects the issue.

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Feminism | Posted by Jamie N on 02/24/2010

The Name Game

Even if you’re only a little bit of a feminist, getting married can be tough. I knew that some of the more archaic traditions could be nauseating but I found myself affronted with some good ole’ fashioned deep seated sexism when the topic of weddings roles around to last names. Are you taking his? Keeping yours? Hyphenating the two? Or GASP the worst…is he taking yours?

I chose to keep my last name. I’ve identified myself quite a bit with it and it just seemed like another silly tradition to ignore; how wrong I was. I constantly face problems with this, any time we both sign our name and then choose the married box inquisitive looks are to follow. But more than just the annoyance of people’s disbelief that we …

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Feminism | Posted by Michelle O on 11/20/2009

Weddings: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

weddingssss yayyyy

weddingssss yayyyy

The occasions that constrain us the most to exhibit normative femininity are occasions of great ceremony and often solemnity e.g. weddings and funerals. –Sandra Lee Bartky

Hi there, my name is Michelle. I’m a second-year undergrad at McGill university, majoring in Women’s Studies and Anthropology: which is just a fancy, elitist way to introduce that I am interested in analyzing human culture and the ways that gender plays out into our daily life.

Today, I bring you this exciting blog on… marriage! Wait, no, come back! I’ll do my best to make this old topic exciting.

Those who know me well are familiar with my ambivalence towards marriage. I generally don’t like the idea of it for myself. For those of us who aren’t particularly religious, and who …

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Feminism | Posted by Helen H on 08/11/2009

‘Til Death?

'Till Death?

Marriage over here (in Jordan)—it’s been bothering me ever since I first started to understand it. This doesn’t happen with everyone, but it’s the way most religious or conservative families go about it.

So, you’re a girl, yes? And you’re at the “appropriate” age for marriage, meaning you’ve finished high school, or in most cases, are almost done with university. So, everyone you know—extended family, neighbors, friends—wants to relieve your parents of the burden you impose on them. Thoughtful, no? They go ahead and take the liberty to tell parents of prospective husbands that you’re available, with details like your age, your field of work, and whether or not you wear a headscarf. You, of course, are not aware of this, until the parents of said prospective husband …

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/2/2009

Bridezillas 24/7

my wedding better be perfect...

my wedding better be perfect...

The New York Post reported yesterday that Cablevision is launching a 24/7 wedding channel sometime in the near future.

To which I responded: WTF?

Why are we so obssessed with weddings? Do we enjoy watching women get so crazed about one day, one massively expensive party? Of course there’s the romantic ideology that it is the best day of a woman’s life, and I guess it’s nice to indulge in that while watching T.V., a fundamentally escapist experience.  

While I think it’s true that the best day of a woman’s life should be celebrating an accomplishment greater than catching a man for an extended period of time (51% of the time its not forever), I also think weddings are nice and can be one

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