Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 05/19/2010

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial

The MLK Jr. Memorial...bam

The MLK Jr. Memorial...bam

One of the ultimate highlights of my middle experience was the concept of the “Window Trip.” Our middle school, dedicated to giving us ignorant brats a broader view of the world, forced us onto a bus every year and shipped us off to a set destination in order to give us a “window” into history/the lives of others. In 6th grade, we were bussed to colonial Williamsburg, which I must say was a pretty awesome experience. We each had to interview somebody there, and I recall stalking the Thomas Jefferson impersonator to give him the third degree about his status as a slave owner. In 8th grade we went on an ubran outward bound trip to New York City where we visited an African cultural center …

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