Pop-Culture | Posted by Fiona L on 01/27/2012

Was “Iron Lady” Too Soft On Margaret Thatcher?

Being the avid history nerd that I am, I was basically counting down the minutes until the opening of Iron Lady, the new film chronicling Margaret Thatcher’s life, starring Meryl Streep. I mean, what could be better than Meryl Streep (who is awesomeness in human form) taking on a complex, fascinating character like Prime Minister Thatcher, right? Regardless of your politics, Margaret Thatcher’s story is an exciting one.

I was expecting a few things from the film. First, I was expecting a kick-butt performance from Ms. Streep. Second, I was expecting to learn more about Margaret Thatcher’s political and personal story, since I don’t know that much about her. Third, I was expecting to be thoroughly entertained.

Unfortunately, only one of my three expectations was really fulfilled. Meryl Streep’s performance …

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Kate S on 11/18/2009

(No) Prison for Polanski?

I have never seen the Pianist or Chinatown, but I know that Roman Polanski is a lauded director of ingenuity. But I also know him as a dispicable rapist.

He is currently behind bars in Zurich, the decision of whether or not to allow him to go free on bail still hanging in the air for the next 2-3 weeks. What angers me even more, however, is not just his violation, but also Hollywood’s reaction. Many big-name celebrities such as Robert De Niro are avidly speaking out in support of him; in their eyes, his artistic talents apparently transcends his pedophile nature. By the time Natalie Portman announced her support, I had to accept that world has come to an end.

Why is no one speaking out against Polanski? …

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