Feminism | Posted by Alana M on 02/7/2011

“Smack A Slut Week” is No Laughing Matter

every time you call a girl a slut a unicorn dies.

don't judge.

These days, the only way I can get my friends together is through Facebook. That handy little “Events” section has really helped organize my social life. So, imagine my surprise when I logged on today to see“Smack a Slut Week” as an event I was previously invited to. Smack a Slut week, if you aren’t privy to such information, lasts from October 3rd to October 7th and can be celebrated “anywhere you like,” by, you guessed it, smackin’ sluts.

Most of the comments were your standard derogatory jokes about those darn sluts and their slutty, evil ways. Some of my more enlightened folks bravely attempted to battle this obviously sexist malarkey. But then I saw this gem from one of the event’s attendees. She said, “Nobody realizes the …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 05/17/2010

National Punch a Slut Day

take note, FB trolls...

take note, FB trolls...

The facebook trolls who think they’re hilarious for their misogynistic groups and events are at it again, folks!

Some FBomb readers and a recent Jezebel article alerted me to a series of “slut punching” events – one a week-long event that I believe was removed, and another, which will merely last a day.

The latter event includes some seriously gross comments, such as:

Dongie Lee:
Some of you need to stfu about violence toward women. boohoo. Ever thought about violence toward men? toward elderly? toward kids? And I bet 99.9% of you fuckers bitching and crying aren’t doing a fucking thing to stop any real violence. Let’s also not forget that this group isn’t about punching women but about punching slutts. Do criminals deserve

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