Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 10/28/2010

My Feminist Photo Shoot

(L to R) me, Morgane Richardson, Jen McCreight, Tracy Clark-Flory

(L to R) me, Morgane Richardson, Jen McCreight, Tracy Clark-Flory

By now, some of you may be aware that I (on behalf of this here ole’ webblog) was recently chosen as one of 12 “new” feminists by More Magazine. Obviously, this is an amazing honor, and the fact that I’m in the same article as some of my all time heros (Jessica Valenti is mentioned in the article and I was freakin in the same room as freakin Shelby Knox!) is kind of mind blowing. And Jane Lynch is on the cover. As a Gleek, and more importantly as a Christopher Guest mockumentary fan (that’s really where it’s at) and just general supporter of Jane Lynch’s mind blowing awesomeness, a better cover girl probably couldn’t have been …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 04/28/2009

More/Fitness Marathon

So, this past weekend I went to NYC with my friends Marissa and Jess to walk/run the More/Fitness Half Marathon. And…it was intense. 

Let’s get this straight: I’m possibly the laziest person alive. I’m that person everybody hates because they complain about having to move their hand about 6 inches to grab the remote to change the channel. I admit this not with pride but with resignation.

For example, my school is having a field day. It’s mostly for fun so the activities were kind of silly (3 legged race, etc), but most of them did involve moving. I signed up for “balloon shaving” and “banner making.” The fact that I make a mean banner is completely irrelevant right now (my block letters are impeccable). More on that later. 

When …

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