Pop-Culture | Posted by Kate T on 07/27/2010

Free to Be You and Me

On my last procrastination streak, in addition to watching dozens of videos of young children singing pop songs on YouTube, I stumbled upon a gem from my childhood – all 44 minutes of ‘Free to Be… You and Me’. I don’t know how many of you watched, read or listened to ‘Free to Be,’ as kids, but for those who didn’t, it is a movie, book, and CD created in 1972 dedicated to entertaining kids without reinforcing gender stereotypes – boys are told its okay to cry, “mommies’” and “daddies’” jobs are unrelated to their gender, and princesses travel the world and remain single. I still remember my first “feminist moment” when, at age six, my jam sesh to ‘William’s Doll’ was interrupted by my dad saying that it was …

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Articles | Posted by Julie Z on 01/27/2010

An Interview with Sara K. Gould

It seems like you can’t turn on the news anymore without hearing about the disastrous pit of doom that is our economy. As often happens when people find themselves in a situation they have little control over, the blame game is in full force, and at the end of the pointing fingers there always seems to be a white man from Wall Street. It seems we are in unanimous agreement that the way the financial industry is run in our country, and in the world, needs to change. Sara K. Gould, president of the Ms. Foundation since 2004, and the founder of the Collaborative Fund for Women’s Economic Development (a program that supports female entrepreneurship) has a few ideas about improving economic wellbeing.

Ms. Gould earned her master’s degree in …

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