Feminism | Posted by Aleka Raju on 01/27/2011

Effects of Feminism Not Reachable to All Indian Women?

Recently Indian newspapers have been flooded with reports about the Dar-ul-Uloom?s (an Islamic school propagating Sunni Islam in India) fatwa stating that it is un-Islamic for women to work with men. Yet again we appear to be at the crossroads: having to choose between antiquated traditions and moving forward into a society where men and women are accorded with the same level of respect and treated as equals.

As Indian society is relaxing its earlier rigid views about women and their position in society and allowing them to go out and work in cities, the Muslim clerics are adamant about regressing back in time and making sure that the benefits of feminism and society?’s more liberal attitude towards women aren?t passed on to Indian Muslim women.

As usual, a …

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Feminism | Posted by Aleka R on 06/15/2010

Indian Muslim Women: Excluded from Indian Feminism?

In India, the Dar-ul-Uloom’s (an Islamic school propagating Sunni Islam in India) recently declared a new fatwa which states that it is un-Islamic for women to work with men and talk to them. The fatwa is extremely misogynistic in nature.. A huge furor was created in India after the fatwa was issued and it lead to a wide ranging debate with many Muslims divided on the issue. It indicates that reform measures undertaken in the Indian Parliament to uplift the condition of Indian women are useless when it comes to Indian Muslim women. It seems that, while a silent feminist revolution is in the works in India, Muslim women are largely not included in it.

The clerics who issue such fatwas are unwilling to allow Muslim women to move ahead …

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