Pop-Culture | Posted by CClio333 on 04/2/2011

Saturday Vids: Nerdy Girls Need Love Too

In the spirit of the Team Unicorn debate, here's a great example of a woman refusing to apologize for her nerdiness!

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Jenae S on 01/28/2011

Girls and Geekdom: The Team Unicorn Conundrum

Team Unicorn

Team Unicorn

The girls of Team Unicorn just can’t seem to win. They are hot girls and nerds, yet they find themselves rejected by both women and nerds. Team Unicorn’s video Geek and Gamer Girls made its way through the interwebs a few months back and their second video about Zombies was posted just before the holidays.

Despite showing nothing to doubt their nerd cred, the internet has done exactly that. Commenters have accused them of not being “real nerds” because they are attractive, and of using their looks to “trick nerds.” These girls challenge the stereotypical image of a “geek.” They are all conventionally attractive and not afraid to flaunt their sexuality, yet they show their knowledge of geek culture through their writing and videos. Many of them have …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 07/11/2009

Life is NOT High School


self explanatory

unsuccessful? impossible.


New York Magazine is reporting about a new study. The study, sadly titled “Popularity,” reports that how popular you were in high school actually does affect your success in later life. 

My ass it does. 

Why would this study, which was probably done by nerds, crush all of my dreams about the socially conscious, academia-loving nerds taking over the world one by one in a collective rage against popular society for abandoning them in their formative years? WHY?

Good news is the way the study measures success is purely by economic standards. And in a way that makes sense — people who were popular in high school probably got a nice head start on the whole networking thing, which is probably useful in business. (No worries, FBombers,

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