Feminism | Posted by Vittoria F on 05/9/2011

The Catholic Church and Education

I live in a catholic country (Italy), in a small town and I go to a catholic and very conservative school.

I am not very religious and, most importantly, I am a feminist. This means I don’t agree with my religion teacher (who is a priest) most of the time, but at least he’s prepared to listen. Religion doesn’t interfere with our academic education, but we do get educated in a Catholic environment: Latin choir, masses, prayers in the morning, that sort of thing. I usually look forward to compulsory religion lessons on Tuesdays, not because I’m particularly passionate about the subject, but for the chance of interesting discussions, where I can express my own feminist views on certain subjects we talk about: abortion, birth control, homosexuality, divorce etc.

So …

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Feminism | Posted by Collette C on 04/26/2011

Dear Feminism

Dear Feminism,

In case no one has told you recently, you are a loaded gun. Some see you as a helpless victim, pulling your woman card and begging for your right to abortion, always complaining about your time spent in front of a hot stove. Others see you as a butch, bullying your way into careers rightfully belonging to men. Seems like you’re always burning bras, abusing your right to free speech, and holding offensive picket signs. Many consider you a flaming lesbian, or at least Hilary Clinton’s part time lover. You whine, you refuse to let him open your door, and you can pay for your own damn dinner. In fact, you’re a full blown man eater.

I have heard these rumors. I see the news; I hear the …

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Feminism | Posted by Laura D on 12/17/2010

Survival of the Fittest

Survival may seem like a drastic way to describe the experience of living in a modern Western society, however sexist it is. I have the privilege of geography to thank for the fact that I don’t face an arranged marriage or a ban on education as many other women do. However this shouldn’t stop us from talking about and acting on the challenges we still face. “Survival” may not seem  like such an extreme word when we consider the leading cause of death for pregnant women in the US is murder. Anyone in doubt that an ability to negotiate sexism is a sadly vital skill need only look to one recurring symbol of patriarchal power: street harassment.

It’s an assertion of power, a threat described as flattery, a small reminder …

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Feminism | Posted by Bre K on 12/14/2010

Eliminating Gender Expectations Starting with the Dorms

“So how is your Women Gender Studies Class? Have you stopped shaving your legs yet?” smiles and bickers a “fellow” male hall-mate of mine as he takes a seat on the couches in our dorm lounge. Oh boy, time to deal with sexist jerks that actually make me want to pretend I am a man-hating feminist stereotype. Since one guy in my dorm found out I was in Women Gender Studies 101, I’m now suddenly responsible for representing all the feminist women out there. But wait, there’s more. Signing up for this class also automatically comes free with the constant taunting and degrading comments from him and a flurry of conformists in the dorms.

“So do you hate men?” Snickers one of the three guys. Somehow every time one of …

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Feminism | Posted by 5hereen 5ays on 10/11/2010

I’m a Feminist (Don’t Tell The Teachers)

When you’re poised at the beginning of what you see as a vigorating cross-country marathon, it’s very hard not to step over the line. You know that it’s going to be demanding and your first aid kit will be well worn by the time you cross the finishing tape, but it’ll be worth it to see the looks on the faces of those who said it couldn’t be done. A cool, refreshing shower of pride awaits you, and you can’t wait to get going.

So when one of my teachers asked if anyone would like to write an article for the school newsletter, I put my hand up. Now I’m faced with a problem. It’s just a school, right? Who cares what’s written in its newsletter, anyway? It’s not like …

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Feminism | Posted by Natalia K on 10/7/2010

Pink and Blue

It breaks my heart whenever I hear that women in China and India are having abortions or killing their new born babies just because they turn out to be girls. I’m pro-choice, but having an abortion because your baby is a girl instead of a boy is just beyond disturbing, sexist, and repulsive. The worst part is, the same attitude is prevalent in North America. We may not be killing our new born daughters (not that I know of at least) but a lot of women are definitely devaluing their gender and have become active participants in our good ol’ patriarchy.

Think of all the times you’ve heard women say that they would rather have a boy if they ever became pregnant. Now think of why they say that. …

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Feminism | Posted by Baykan O on 07/15/2009

The Social Politics of Young Turkish Women

Being that I am ethnically Turkish, to grasp precisely what the “Western” view of its social attitude toward women is, poses a number of difficulties. In casual conversation, people are far more comfortable idealising Turkey as an idyllic getaway, an awkwardly beautiful paradox of Eastern tradition (age old cuisine, arabesque music) and Western normalities (alcohol, cigarettes, art). The symbol of a scantily clad sequinned-hip-scarf-adorned beauty is just as relevant to Turkey’s cultural image as that of a burka, niqab or hijab-clad Islamic woman. Indeed, it is between these two extreme ideals that sociological problems fester, and from my own understanding and experience, Turkish women are often seen as little more than these aforementioned symbols.

Being simultaneously British and Turkish and perhaps most unfortunate of all, a woman, means then that …

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