Feminism | Posted by Evelyn T on 05/31/2011

The Slut Walks and Victim Blaming

So recently the feminist community has been rallying around the SlutWalks. Personally, I’m beginning to feel a tad sorry for the poorly spoken police officer who instigated all of this as he’s probably (hopefully) feeling like an idiot right about now. But not too sorry.

Recently the topic was brought up in my calculus class, and although most students didn’t know about it, the ones that did all said the same thing: “Well, you wouldn’t leave your garage door open and expect someone not to steal your car, would you?” I was surprised that so many people thought this, as I was under some sort of impression that victim blaming was only for serious misogynists. I was clearly wrong; it’s more subtle and widespread than that.

I think the …

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