Feminism | Posted by Jill L on 08/5/2010

Let’s Reclaim the Name

“So, you know how you’re a feminist?”
“And yet you still expect men to open doors for you?”
“No, I expect the person going in through the door in front of me to slam it in my face.”

‘Feminist’ is often used as an insult to describe women who have characteristics which we admire in men but are contradictory (or so we fear) to society’s archaic view of femininity. Women who are strong, confident, loud, ruthless in business and assertive are ‘feminists’. And if they’re not vilifying it, society trivializes feminism’s cause. Men can’t open doors because feminism contradicts common courtesy. Obviously.

But to me, ‘feminist’ does not carry with it the images that it inspires in the minds of others. To the boys (and sadly, so sadly) the …

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