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Orthodox Judaism and the LGBT+ Community

Homosexuality and orthodoxy: A contradiction?

As well as being a feminist, I am an Orthodox Jew. While I had always been active in gay rights advocacy through my feminism, I never really thought about how Orthodox individuals who are LGBT+ grapple with their sexuality. I recently did some research into this. Considering that the religious right, including the mainstream Orthodox Jewish community, is known for its anti-gay stance, it may seem surprising that there are observant Jews who also identify as LGBT+. However, they do exist.

Over the past two decades, observant LGBT+ Jews have organized in order to petition for increased recognition and inclusion within the Orthodox Jewish community. In 1994, the Gay and Lesbian Yeshiva Day School Alumni Association (GLYDSA) was established as a social group for Orthodox …

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is half-jewish a religion?


Goldie Hawns half jewish. Adam Sandler taught me that.

Goldie Hawn's half jewish. Adam Sandler taught me that.

God, I love Jezebel. Last week, they addressed the hub of my own internal religious debates, by asking what being a “half jew” means.

As a technical “half jew” myself — probably more complicated than half, my Dad was raised Jewish, my Mom was half and half, and raised nothing–I’ve always struggled a little with how to qualify my religious identity. My parents tried to qualify it for me — upon the joyous occasion of my birth (I can’t speak about their feelings of my bother’s birth…I assume they were more than neutral) my parents made the choice. They decided that Judaism was the way to go. 


A synagogue in the Czech Republic. Okay then.

A synagogue in the Czech Republic. Okay then.

 We joined a temple! They …

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