Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 09/29/2012

Saturday Vids: Gloria Steinem on Rush Limbaugh

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Feminism | Posted by Fiona L on 05/30/2012

Why I’m Glad We Don’t Have A Woman President

Believe it or not, observing Obama’s presidency has actually made me glad that we don’t currently have a woman in the highest political office. You’re probably gasping with shock, after reading that sentence—not only am I constantly voicing my opinion that I think we need more women in politics, I basically developed a massive girl-crush on Hillary Clinton during the 2008 election and it’s no secret that I supported her over Obama. But lately, several events have made me question—and I practically cringe even writing this—if 2008 would have been the right time for a woman to step into office.

2012 has in many ways been defined politically by various “women’s issues.” In the past few months alone, there have been contraception hearings, Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a prostitute

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Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 07/1/2009

Appointed: a White House advisor on violence against women

Obama just appointed Lynn Rosenthal, a former executive director of the National Netowrk to End Domestic Violence, to the position of “White House adviser on violence against women.” Apparently this is supposed to be follow-up on the 1994 Violence Against Women Act – which Biden was a key player in getting passed.


Here are the facts:

*around 2.5 million females experience some form of violence each year, and within this population 2 out of 3 have been attacked by a family member of a person with which they are acquainted.
*Every 21 days, a woman is killed by domestic violence
*in the U.S. a woman is beaten every 7.4 seconds
*there are 1,500 shelters for battered women in the U.S. while there are 3,800 animal shelters.
and …

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