Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 03/9/2013

Saturday Vids: Thank You, Zerlina

Awesome feminist writer and activist Zerlina Maxwell has recently been the target of horrendous threats of violence. Why? Because of statements she made on Hannity.

In her own words, from a post she wrote on Feministing:

“On Tuesday night, I appeared on Hannity in a segment framed around the idea that giving women guns is the solution to ending rape. I was on with Independent Women’s Forum’s Gayle Trotter who recently made the point that women need guns for self defense from rape and gun violence prevention is infringing on their second Amendment rights, as well as, putting them at greater risk for domestic violence and rape.

Obviously, I disagreed. Giving every woman a gun is not rape prevention. If a woman chooses to go out and buy a

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Feminism | Posted by Marie B on 02/28/2011

Martial Arts: Not Just Defense

This weekend I will be testing for my black belt after eight years of Taekwondo classes. During those eight years, I’ve grown into the person I am today. Not only have I learned how to kick, punch, and block, but I have learned compassion, respect, and confidence. Each Saturday, I spend hours practicing self defense, meditating, sparring or even teaching entire classes. It is one of the most rewarding activities I have ever participated in (and prevents the extracurricular section of my college apps from remaining blank). Unfortunately, the only aspect of taekwondo, or martial arts of any kind, that people pick up on for women, is self defense.

For example, one day this past year, I participated in a jujitsu class:
Kick her Brian! She’s a black bel

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Shelan O on 09/10/2009

GR!C: Day 3


Our band finally has a name and a logo, which will be screened onto shirts, so each band has merch. Sweet!  It had been down to Electric Field Trip or On The Fritz, but fate…took another course…(dun dun daahhh!).  We hadn’t been able to decide, so we asked some counselors and campers which they liked better.  Electric Field Trip emerged as favorite, but there was a problem: we already had artwork for On The Fritz that we were really happy with.  So yesterday at lunch we decided to come up with a completely new name and insert it into the old logo I’d drawn.  We struggled to think of something.  “Wayward something might be good.  Like ‘wayward’ and then some sort of textile…Velvet? Linen?  Something really flow-y.”  …

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