Feminism | Posted by Maya Richard-Craven on 07/7/2014

What’s Your ‘Weapon Of Choice?’

American photographer Richard Johnson brings attention to the invisible effects of verbal abuse in his series, "Weapon of Choice." (Weapon of Choice - Hurtwords.com / Facebook)

It was not your typical walk of shame, like the kind you see in high school movies after someone loses their virginity. Instead, it was me, an athletic-looking African-American girl, sobbing my way downtown, just on the border of USC and gang territory.

A fellow Trojan, who I had been talking to for a year, had originally said I could stay over at his place.

“I don’t care what I said. I lied.”

“It’s 4 am and we are in South Central LA, you are just going to kick me out… Can’t I just sleep on your floor?”

“What are you still doing …

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Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 04/9/2010

Hot Topic Thinks Cutting Is Cool

Hot Topics Razor Blade Purse

Hot Topic's Razor Blade Purse

I didn’t even know what “cutting” was until around middle school when a friend of mine casually called a girl in our grade a “cutter.” When I asked her what a cutter was she told me it was a person who cut themselves, usually with razor blades, because they wanted to make a statement to get attention. I’m pretty sure she also mentioned that cutters are always goth/emo. She was wrong in her assessment of what cutting is, but it’s getting more and more clear where she was steered astray.

I don’t think cutting is an issue that we’re completely culturally aware of. Whereas eating disorders are becoming increasingly understood as exactly that – disorders – rather than strictly ways  for girls to get attention …

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