Pop-Culture | Posted by Cherokee S on 01/11/2011

Music Video Girls: Exploitive or an Industry of Independence

UK TV Channel BBC3 once in a while produces something worth taking a look at, and the minute I saw an advert for their latest one-off documentary endeavour – “Music, Money and Hip-Hop Honeys” – exploring the job that is ‘The Music Video Girl’ – I was intrigued.

Music videos are a subject that I often bring attention to. It is impossible to turn on the latest music channel without being bombarded with a series of greased up women jiggling their bits around in front of the camera. Of course, we can’t forget the men parading around them with the,‘Yes, these are my bitches,’ attitude. Unfortunately, apart from pop starlets like Katy Perry – that’s a post worth of discussion right there –  this is mostly a ‘Hip-Hop’ …

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Feminism | Posted by Rachel P on 07/2/2010

Seixsm and the Double Bass

Like Esperenza Spalding, I too, am a female double bassist, with the greatest of respect for the wonderful things that Esperenza does – especially with first-hand knowledge of the blatant misogyny that accompanies being a female double bassist, and how hard it is to even get your instrument through the door, let alone forge a successful musical career.

My double bass teacher was turned down by a professional orchestra, because, simply put, “he wasn’t strong enough”. The nature of orchestra playing means that you’re rehearsing for hours on end, and then playing your instrument non-stop in a concert that can last anywhere from 40 minutes to literally hours. When your instrument is quite literally bigger than you, and when it takes flexing your arm to its full length to …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Freddy-May A. on 06/8/2010

Hayley Williams’ Topless Photos: Who Cares?

So, as you may or may not have heard, a topless photo of Hayley
Williams was posted on her Twitter. The post was deleted fifteen
minutes later, and thirty minutes after that, another post appeared saying she’d been hacked. Nobody knows whether or not this is true, but the internet is abuzz with speculation, and, of course, judgments on her moral character. There are some who say “she’d never do that, she was hacked” and some who say there’s no way she was hacked and she’s a trashy slut, and some who say “oh, she made a mistake, we all do.” Well, I’m calling b.s. on all of these viewpoints.

You guys. Big deal. They are boobs. Girls have boobs. Did you
know? Twenty-one-year-old women have boobs. Women who …

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Articles | Posted by Rose Cora Perry on 01/26/2010

The Oxymoron of Being BOTH a Female Musician & a Feminist

AKA: Do I Really Have to Put a Paper Bag Over My Head Just to Get You to Listen to What I Have to Say, Rather than Stare at My Ass?

I remember a few years back, I received the biggest insult of my life to date, in regards to my career as a professional musician. Some random dude (for no reason and without any provocation on my end) decided to send me a message which said (mind you, in fewer words and with worst grammar) that the only reason as to why I’ve had any success as an artist is because and I quote, “I’m a hot chick”. Not only was I offended because said individual essentially was saying that I had no talent whatsoever to back up and/or …

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