Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 11/5/2011

Saturday Vids: Really, Tide?

Props to my English professor for sending our class this video with the commentary: “(This) definitely got a “really?” from me…I find it hard to believe that they can get away with these kinds of gender stereotypes in 2011.” I concur. Really, Tide? REALLY?

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Vicky C on 12/27/2010

Diamonds Aren’t a Girl’s Best Friend

Ah, the holidays. The time of year when houses are lit up, the streets are crowded with shoppers, and the whole family spends quality time together watching specials on television.

It’s all well and good, until little gems like these pop up.

I’m sure you’ve all seen this lovely commercial from Kay Jewelers. Where a couple is watching the storm outside, and suddenly the thunder scares the poor little girlfriend into her man’s arms. Then he gives her a sparkly necklace and everyone’s happy!

…Wait, what.

You know, I was actually thinking the last fifty-or-so years of the women’s movement actually had some impact on the way women were portrayed in the media.  When I watched this commercial, my mouth literally dropped in shock.

Because along with enticing me to …

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Feminism | Posted by Reba R on 09/6/2010

Swiffer Brings “Sexist” a Whole New Meaning

I love television. I willingly gave 6 years of my life to Lost, watch the Daily Show for ALL of my news, and I can’t even do my homework on my laptop without first checking Hulu for updates on shows I’ve missed. But nothing compares to my love for commercials. As a journalism student, I find myself analyzing every advertisement for subliminal messages using lighting, colors, word choice, and imagery to figure out what message they are trying to get across. But a set of commercials that really grind my gears with their obvious sexism comes from that space-age mop known as Swiffer.

Yeah guys, I’m a little late on this one. And it’s been so long since I’ve written something for thefbomb. I have been wanting to write this …

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