Pop-Culture | Posted by Susannah F on 09/30/2011

The Art of the Text

In our world of technology and instant communication, sentiments often get lost in cyberspace. In fact, there’s a whole website devoted to some of the crazy mishaps that can occur during texting. But when texting is successful, I can confidently say that one of its most common (and more recent) uses is as a means of hooking up and conducting relationships.

Some of my friends use text messaging in order to conduct their booty calls in college. If you meet someone at a party and exchange numbers, a text conversation is sure to ensue in the hopes of ultimately having a sexual encounter. One of my friends told me that if she is planning on meeting up with someone that she has been casually texting, she will continue to text …

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Creative | Posted by Dawn Okoro on 11/12/2010


“Selfsploitation” delves into the psychology of sending sexually suggestive photos of one’s self by cellphone or posting them on social websites. The project includes drawings (some can be seen below), an essay, and a survey conducted on the artist’s blog.

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Feminism | Posted by Veronica N on 06/28/2010

Self Respect and Sexting: Take 2

While it may be true, especially publicly speaking, that “sexting” is a very negative thing for young women to do, I don’t feel this is always the case. Even if it’s not “true love” or if the couple isn’t going to be “together forever,” isn’t it still her choice? I mean, as far as the wide spread public goes, sexting is a bad thing; but that’s just the public view. No matter if the relationship will last, if two people have a certain respect for each other, then I say why not?

Now, this doesn’t say that it is something me and my boyfriend have done (mom, you can stop having a heart attack) but why does it have to mean that a girl feels so utterly crappy about herself …

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Feminism | Posted by Emily V on 06/25/2010

Self Respect and Sexting

Self Respect is a dying art. This thought was solidified when I heard the latest gossip in my school of the sex video going around of a fellow female student with two other guys. As we see a rise in “sexting” and the CDC saying that one in four teenage girls has an STD, I can’t help but feel depressed and frustrated . So how did we get this way and better yet how are we to combat this issue?

At my highschool, I have sat through the numerous internet safety lectures. ” Once it’s out there you can never get it back.” This doesn’t seem to stop many girls from taking pictures of themselves topless or lying spread eagle while their boyfriend snaps pictures. I don’t mean to …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Freddy-May A. on 06/8/2010

Hayley Williams’ Topless Photos: Who Cares?

So, as you may or may not have heard, a topless photo of Hayley
Williams was posted on her Twitter. The post was deleted fifteen
minutes later, and thirty minutes after that, another post appeared saying she’d been hacked. Nobody knows whether or not this is true, but the internet is abuzz with speculation, and, of course, judgments on her moral character. There are some who say “she’d never do that, she was hacked” and some who say there’s no way she was hacked and she’s a trashy slut, and some who say “oh, she made a mistake, we all do.” Well, I’m calling b.s. on all of these viewpoints.

You guys. Big deal. They are boobs. Girls have boobs. Did you
know? Twenty-one-year-old women have boobs. Women who …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 02/5/2010

Give It A Ponder

James Lipton wants you to ponder before you text. I wholeheartedly agree with him.

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