Feminism | Posted by Hannah R on 09/19/2011

Youth and Feminism: Ignorance Is Bliss

Today’s youth culture encourages females and males alike to embrace their sexuality and allows a freedom of expression. But it seems this freedom of sexual expression has ended up glamorising the idea that females are nothing more than sexual objects. Or at least, it seems that’s what girls our age think.

I have to wonder – how have girls our age not heard of the efforts made by Emmeline Pankhurst and the Suffragettes at the beginning of the 20th century? Or the women’s liberation protest demonstration at the 1969 Miss World beauty contest?  I have discovered that there are very few teenage girls out there who fully comprehend the feminist movement and its effects on society, and, more importantly, its hopes and aspirations for the future generations of women.

I …

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Feminism | Posted by Regina on 11/4/2010

The Entitlement List

Entitlement: belief that one is deserving of certain privileges

When men are invading your space (at the supermarket, jogging, the bank, lunch line) and think it’s okay.

“Nice guys” who feel they’re entitled to sex because they treat you well.

When you dress “slutty” ( it doesn’t matter you can be wearing a garbage bag) men feel entitled to comment on how provocative you look and how you deserve anything that THEY do to you because of it.

White people trying to touch POC’s hair.

White people trying to cultural appropriate other people’s cultures.

The N word. ” Why can’t we say it?!?”

Men think it’s ok to say “bitch,” “slut,” “skank” etc etc

The whole Ground Zero mosque fiasco.

White Americans are upset because they feel their …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 09/29/2010

Easy A and Teenage Sexuality

Whether we were actually at the party where it went down or heard about it at school the Monday after, we’ve all witnessed it. Two people hook up. As they walk into school, the rumor spreads with their every step. You would think the two people, that engaged in the exact same act, would be treated similarly. And yet as the guy walks down the hall he is suddenly not just another teen boy in baggy jeans with a serious case of bed head. No, somewhow he has rippling muscles and locks flowing in the wind as he arrives on his noble steed. He gets off his horse, throws a football, chops some wood, sprays axe from head to toe and lets everybody bask in his hyper-masculinity. ”He scored” …

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Heather A on 09/14/2010


Usually when I first meet someone I never tell them I am bisexual. It never comes up in conversation. In fact I wait until I know that I can trust someone enough to tell them. I hate secrets because when I was young kept a lot of things from my parents, including my budding bisexuality. When I did tell them all I got was “Can’t you choose? Can’t you just be straight?” It was so typical. Basic biphobia for you.

When I watch T.V. people are either straight or gay: never both. We barely see bi people on T.V. or movies. When they do appear, they do not self-identify as bisexual. They’re just themselves. Meet Jenny Schecter of the L Word. First she is bi, doesn’t self-identify as bi, then …

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