Feminism | Posted by Camille E on 06/17/2013

What If I AM Like The Feminist Stereotype?

Am I giving feminism a bad rap by not shaving my armpits? I worry that people will take one look at my pits, label me as “one of those feminists” (the only kind they think exists), and dismiss what I say and stand for. I don’t want people to further solidify the stereotype that all feminists are hairy mammoth, lesbian, man-hating bra-burners, except it’s more important to me that we get across that there isn’t anything wrong whatsoever with being a lesbian or a woman who doesn’t shave in the first place. I also firmly believe that not shaving is a feminist statement, albeit one I do not expect many to understand or apply to their own lives.

I love my armpit hair. At the moment, it’s my special little …

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Feminism | Posted by Sheridan T on 02/8/2010

A Woman and Her So-Called “Girly Parts”: The Shaving Dilemma

Schick Quatro TrimStyle - one such product made for them girly parts

Schick Quatro "TrimStyle" - one such product made for them girly parts

Pubic hair has become kind of a controversial topic, especially among feminists, who seem to have gotten a reputation for being, well… hairy. But with so little exposure in porn and in the media to what an actual average female looks like… what can we say really? Who knows how many women shave? As far as I know, nobody’s done a poll or drawn up statistics. No one seems to be talking.

Google pubic hair and you’ll find several resources… some of them rather intriguing (You can style it in a Mohawk! You can dye it pink!) but none informative. When women talk about shaving with other women, they often use terrible euphemisms: “shaving the girly parts,” “pruning …

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