Feminism | Posted by Cicutae on 08/3/2010

Sexism in Science

but...i built the rocket...

but...i built the rocket...

You know what makes me angry? The fact that I apparently can’t do science because I have a vagina. Now, I didn’t think that my gender was damaging my math and science skills, but I guess having breasts means that engineering isn’t for me.

I went down to a NASA space flight center earlier this year as part of my Rocket Club team. We were participating in a competition sending 10-foot-long rockets a mile into the hot Alabama air. There was a “rocket fair” where we displayed our rocket and experiment for NASA employees and the other teams to peruse. I stood proudly in front of our display and tried to engage the passing engineers.

“Do you have any questions Sir?” The response was almost always …

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Feminism | Posted by Katherine C on 05/18/2010

Brilliance is Human

We’ve all read about the studies and statistics on girls in school- that we self-defeat in math and science, that we don’t speak up in class. That we’re afraid. But what about when our teachers and classmates doubt us- when they question our individual intrinsic creativity? Why is brilliance perceived as masculine?

My friend Zoey is a mathematical genius; she was playing around with complex multiplication problems when she was four. She’s in the Higher Math class, in which there is a smaller contingent of über-math-brains: kids who are passionate about math and have a real talent for it. Brilliant people, all. Zoey is the only girl. She asked the teacher if she could move her seat to where these high-performing boys sit so that she could collaborate with them. …

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