Feminism | Posted by Selam S on 06/16/2010

Kagan: The Right Woman for the Job?

I’m a first time FBomb writer (yay!) and I am addicted to legal news and ethics, so I chose to write about Elena Kagan, the pending Supreme Court Justice nominee. It has been a year since President Obama chose Sonia Sotomayor to replace David Souter on the Supreme Court. As we remember, the pick was largely celebrated. Yesss! A Hispanic woman on the Court. America gained a victory when the Senate confirmed Sotomayor, a defender of civil and environmental rights, to the Supreme Court that summer, the third woman to sit on the country’s highest bench. It baffles me, and I am sure you also, that we have only had three women sit on the bench. Well, I am not writing this post today to reflect on old but good …

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Awareness | Posted by Becka W on 07/16/2009

Sonia Sotomayor

Alright. Let’s get right down to it.

Sonia Sotomayor. A name which only a few months ago probably would have meant nothing to us unless we were real judiciary junkies is now at the center of a hot button issue: Who will be our next Supreme Court Justice? While the Senate is spending hours upon hours questioning Sotomayor, let’s take a moment to dig a little deeper on the subject of her nomination.

(semi-rant alert): First and foremost, the biggest thing that has astonished me in my discussions with people is how quickly everyone forgets that women have barely made any headway on the Supreme Court. Sure, Sandra Day O’Connor was the first female justice; confirmed in 1980 and retired in 2006; and sure, Ruth Bader Ginsberg followed not far …

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