Feminism | Posted by Reba R on 09/6/2010

Swiffer Brings “Sexist” a Whole New Meaning

I love television. I willingly gave 6 years of my life to Lost, watch the Daily Show for ALL of my news, and I can’t even do my homework on my laptop without first checking Hulu for updates on shows I’ve missed. But nothing compares to my love for commercials. As a journalism student, I find myself analyzing every advertisement for subliminal messages using lighting, colors, word choice, and imagery to figure out what message they are trying to get across. But a set of commercials that really grind my gears with their obvious sexism comes from that space-age mop known as Swiffer.

Yeah guys, I’m a little late on this one. And it’s been so long since I’ve written something for thefbomb. I have been wanting to write this …

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