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A Feminist Analysis of “Fifteen”

Taylor Swift’s song, Fifteen:

I love country music. I love it with a burning passion. And inside of my love for country music also comes a love for Taylor Swift. I like her because she is my age, her songs are extremely easy to play on the guitar so I feel like I have some musical talent, and I can relate to most of her songs. Her song Fifteen is now climbing the charts. This is a fine song, and some of the things in it were true in some degree to my life. When I was a sophomore at a new school, I just wanted to be wanted (“when all you wanted was to be wanted”) instead of feeling isolated and friend-less. However there are a few lines of …

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Taylor Swift’s SNL Monologue

In case you missed it…

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TaySwift v. Kanye

So, I didn’t actually see the epic show down between Kanye and Taylor Swift. The VMA’s aren’t really my thing. But you better believe I youtubed it as soon as humanly possible and came up with this:

And I get that everybody was pissed off on behalf of Taylor Swift. I mean, what a terrible situation. There you are, thinking this is a great moment in your career, and then this asshole comes on stage and not only insults you, but leaves you in front of an audience of millions, just standing there. I mean What. The. Hell. Kanye, that sucks. 

But I mean, Kanye has proven that he’s a jerk before. Remember in 2006 at the EMAs when his ‘Touch the Sky’ video lost Best Video? He crashed the …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 08/19/2009

The Art of YouTubery

YouTube has always been fascinating to me. 

For one, I really like basking in human stupidity in order to feel better about myself, and youtube is a particularly excellent way to do this. 

But also, YouTube has launched careers. It has connected people to their favorite celebrities, proving that they are not in fact robots (for the most part). And, though this is the least utilized aspect of YouTube, it’s a way for aspiring artists to showcase their work, or to just have fun.

Show Me The Money


Heyyy its Freddddd

Heyyy it's Freddddd

Let’s consider Fred. Lucas Cruikshank, who created the character of Fred Figglehorn, is going to be a sophomore this year. He also has a freakin empire because of this channel – a series of videos based on a 6-year-old …

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Why I Respect Taylor Swift

“I wanted this since the time I was a little girl. I’ve always just wished that maybe someday people would care about the words that I wrote. I’m so lucky that my songs are basically my diary put to music. I’m so lucky that I get to write my own music and write my own stories, so every single time I look down in the audience and I see somebody singing the words back to me, it makes it all worth it.” 

-Taylor Swift to the Associated Press

She is totally the one of these celebuteens that I believe. I believe she’s actually talented and I believe she actually means those words. Support the Swift!

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