Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 10/10/2011

Sexual Harassment and the Legacy of Anita Hill: Where Are We Now

This Saturday (October 15th) I will be speaking at the conference “Sex, Power and Speaking Truth: Anita Hill 20 Years Later”. I’m going to be representing our generation and speaking about our relationship with sexual harassment, exploring concepts such as how our generation feels about sexual harassment, whether or not we feel it’s a relevant issue, how technological advancements play a role in sexual harassment, etc.

Now, I’ve  thought a lot about this and formed my own opinions on this matter, which I’ll share at the conference (and will probably post a video of at a later date), but I want to take this opportunity to open this topic up completely to the FBomb community. My opinion on this topic is just one tiny window into what our generation …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Susannah F on 09/30/2011

The Art of the Text

In our world of technology and instant communication, sentiments often get lost in cyberspace. In fact, there’s a whole website devoted to some of the crazy mishaps that can occur during texting. But when texting is successful, I can confidently say that one of its most common (and more recent) uses is as a means of hooking up and conducting relationships.

Some of my friends use text messaging in order to conduct their booty calls in college. If you meet someone at a party and exchange numbers, a text conversation is sure to ensue in the hopes of ultimately having a sexual encounter. One of my friends told me that if she is planning on meeting up with someone that she has been casually texting, she will continue to text …

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Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 01/3/2011

Teens and Technology: A Feminist Issue

The media would like you to believe that every time you log on to Facebook or – god forbid – the evil black hole of narcissism that is Twitter, another nail is inserted into the coffin of your general ability to function as a capable, well-rounded human being. Every time you update your status, every uploaded picture taken of yourself on your macbook, every “100 Things You Didn’t Know About Me!” note you write, a modicum of self-awareness and empathy seeps from your pores. Essentially, the social networking sites that virtually our entire generation frequently uses are turning us into self-obsessed, unfeeling robots who will contribute nothing of worth to society.

Now, I don’t know that this is entirely true. But if I see one more teaser for the 11:00 …

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Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 04/13/2010

B-Listed interviews Nancy Lublin

A while back B-Listed (which, if you don’t know is this really cool pop-culture human rights blog aimed at influencing the media) interviewed Nancy Lublin, who I think is really rad.

Basically, Nancy Lubin started Do Something.org which is this really awesome organization that tries to motivate teens to get off their asses and, well, do something – volunteer, help other people, etc. etc. As a teen myself, I know how hard this can be (and how badly adults want us to in fact unglue ourselves from TV on the internet…and how very hard that is) so I definitely appreciate her valiant effort.

B-Listed offered that the FBomb re-post this interview, and I’m happy to present it below:

What do you think it is about Do Something that motivates

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 10/27/2009

That’s Not Cool

It seems to me like our parents, and other various adults, are freaking out about the technology we have available to us today. I’ve always thought that if you’re responsible — you put up all the privacy settings, you don’t talk to strangers, you generally use your brain — technology is actually a positive thing. We have so much information available to us, and I think social networking is healthy, and a good thing for kids to learn how to do. And you don’t hear about 47 year old sexual predators masquerading as 15 year old guys (or girls…) so much anymore. Unless that’s more because it’s not fresh news, rather than it’s not occurring.

But as one of my former teachers recently observed, “Technology is sucking the emotions from …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 05/27/2009

Upsides of Technology


I don’t think it’s fair that teenagers are basically being condemned for our frequent (okay…obsessive, addictive) use of technology. Yeah, I don’t think it’s healthy to send thousands of text messages each month. Or to substitute all studying for phone conversations. But I do think those claims that we don’t know how to communicate anymore are ridiculous and false.

If anything we communicate better than any previous generation. Isn’t the complaint that we’re in constant communication? Just because it’s not oral communication (although by no means has my generation lost the ability to communicate verbally…) doesn’t mean it’s not communication.

And just to defend verbal communication—we don’t just use our cell phones for text messaging. And skype is completely verbal, whether it’s using the phone feature or the actual video …

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