Feminism | Posted by Sheridan T on 10/5/2009

The Development of a Feminist

Here is my story.

When you draw a timeline, it looks pathetic. Because the majority of my life, when marked off on a timeline, has been devoted to being what every feminist is afraid of becoming. What Sarah Haskins coins, “The Perfect Woman.”

I wore lots of makeup. It caked on my face. Lining, defining, plucking, bringing out my “best features” and playing down the “less desirable ones.” But we didn’t like to talk about those.

I never stopped to think about why shampoo had so many vitamins when hair was made up of dead skin cells. Dead cells can’t absorb vitamins! Their membranes aren’t active! But ha, who needed a brain when you were pretty, right? Everything I did was a lame attempt at getting guys to like me, …

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