Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 06/30/2013

Support Women Artists Sunday: Shingai Shoniwa

Shingai Elizabeth Maria Shoniwa (born on 1 September 1981) is an English singer of Zimbabwean descent and best known as the vocalist and bassist for the UK indie rock band Noisettes. Her first name, Shingai, means ‘persevere’ in the Shona language.

Shoniwa grew up in a South London public-housing estate; her father died when she was 11, leaving her to a single mother who had emigrated from Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe). The experience, Shoniwa says, absolutely informs her music. “Wanting to escape from reality can inspire the greatest and most trivial creative natures in people,” and “I think escapism is something that connects all of us. Everybody has their own little soundtrack, and I guess I’m trying to make my own soundtrack to my escape plan. I want people to realize

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 06/5/2011

Support Women Artists Sunday: Agnes Obel

Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel (born 1981) is a Danish singer-songwriter. Her first album, Philharmonics, was released by PIAS Recordings on 4 October 2010 in Denmark, Norway, Germany and other European countries. Since February 2011, Philharmonics is certified gold.

Agnes Obel was born Agnes Caroline Thaarup Obel in 1981. Living in Copenhagen, and coming from a musician family, Agnes Obel learned piano at a very young age. Her mother used to play Bartók and Chopin at the piano. During her childhood, Agnes Obel found inspiration in Jan Johansson’s work. Johansson’s songs, European folk tunes done in a jazzy style, have influenced the young musician a lot.

She attended high school at Det frie Gymnasium and university at Roskilde University.

At the age of seven, Agnes Thaarup worked in a little band

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 05/8/2011

Support Women Artists Sunday: Oh Land

Nanna Øland Fabricius (born 20 November 1985 in Copenhagen), better known by her stage name Oh Land, is a Danish singer-songwriter and record producer. She is currently living in Brooklyn, New York City.

Daughter of an opera singer mother and an organist father, she is a former student of the Royal Danish and Royal Swedish Ballet schools. However, an injury caused by a slipped disc and spinal fracture put an end to her dancing career, which eventually led her to start making music.

Oh Land’s debut album, Fauna, was released in her native Denmark on 10 November 2008 by Danish independent label Fake Diamond Records. For her eponymous follow-up album, she worked with producers Dan Carey, Dave McCracken and Pharrell Williams (who have worked with the likes of Lilly Allen

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 05/1/2011

Support Women Artists Sunday: Dum Dum Girls

Dum Dum Girls are an indie pop band from California currently signed to Sub Pop Records. Their name is a homage to The Vaselines album ‘Dum Dum’ and the Iggy Pop song “Dum Dum Boys”. The group also cites The Ronettes, The Ramones, Siouxsie and the Banshees, The Jesus and Mary Chain, Patti Smith, Spacemen 3, and Mazzy Star amongst their major influences.

The members of the band each have the words “Dum Dum” tattooed on a finger. Front woman Dee Dee has been likened to a “goth rock Susana Hoffs (lead singer of The Bangles)” and the band as the answer to “What if the Bangles and the Cure had mated in 1982?” by Spinner’s Kenneth Partridge.

Along with the bolstering stage name, Dee Dee has utilised that time-honoured

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Brian C on 01/16/2011

Support Women Artists Sunday: Chairlift

Chairlift formed in Boulder, Colorado in early 2006 to make live music for haunted houses. Frequenting the Broker Inn on the edge of town for empty late-night jazz shows, Caroline Polachek, Aaron Pfenning and Patrick Wimberly were mystified by the 1980’s faux-gothic architecture, oak-cabinet aquariums, vacant dancefloors, fake trees, crystal chandeliers and dark velveteen booths. The inn provided them with the ideal setting for a new breed of pop: a place where subtle clashes blossomed into uncanny pleasures.

Relocating to Brooklyn in the summer of 2006, the trio continued on to develop a hypnotic yet tongue-in-cheek style, playing shows around Brooklyn and the Lower East Side with a thriving society of experimental pop magicians including MGMT, Yeasayer, Suckers, and Mixel Pixel.

With the release of their debut album, Does You

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Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Maren H on 02/23/2010

Taylor Swift: Not A Feminist’s Dream

Inspired by AutoStraddle’s article.

Now, let me begin by saying I don’t hate Taylor. She plays her own instruments, writes her own song (a fact that at times is painfully obvious) and if she learned how to sing live, she would be a perfectly mediocre musician. She’s perfectly lovely, never rude to anyone (ever) and I also support any woman who follows her heart and manages the difficult task of succeeding in the music business.

However; the fact that she won album of the year at the Grammy’s this year, an honour that had previously been bestowed upon the likes of Ray Charles, U2, Norah Jones, Bob Dylan, JOHN FREAKING LENNON, Michael Jackson, Alanis Morissette, the list goes on, and the fact that the legend, Stevie Nicks, was reduced …

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Articles | Posted by Rose Cora Perry on 01/26/2010

The Oxymoron of Being BOTH a Female Musician & a Feminist

AKA: Do I Really Have to Put a Paper Bag Over My Head Just to Get You to Listen to What I Have to Say, Rather than Stare at My Ass?

I remember a few years back, I received the biggest insult of my life to date, in regards to my career as a professional musician. Some random dude (for no reason and without any provocation on my end) decided to send me a message which said (mind you, in fewer words and with worst grammar) that the only reason as to why I’ve had any success as an artist is because and I quote, “I’m a hot chick”. Not only was I offended because said individual essentially was saying that I had no talent whatsoever to back up and/or …

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Awareness, Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Robin S on 07/17/2009

The Music Industry and It’s Best Friend, Sexism

Despite my passion for music, I doubt I could ever succeed in the music business. My reasons for this are very simple: I am overweight, I don’t wear makeup and I don’t keep up with current trends, and I wouldn’t change these things if I was told that I needed to in order to be marketable.

Sexism in the music industry can be seen in a lot of ways—lyrics that objectify women, women being seen as sluts if they sing about being promiscuous while men are seen as “just doing what guys do”, female musicians being held to higher standards of male musicians, etc. Amanda Palmer, for instance, is an artist who has faced the beast we call sexism with Roadrunner Records, the label she was signed to. When the

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