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The Super Bowl and Abortion

2010 Super Bowl

2010 Super Bowl

This year I, like nearly 100 million other Americans, will watch the super bowl. However, this fact has very little to do with the game of football. I have no idea what occurs in this game, and if you asked me to name more than 3 football games I’d probably just walk away. The few times I’ve gone to see my high school team play I’ve left even more confused than before. No, I watch the super bowl for the ads.

Let’s be honest, the ads are awesome. About 99% of the time I watch T.V. ads make me want to bang my  head against a cement block repeatedly (a lethal combination of sexist and stupid), Super Bowl ads are different. First of all, they’re well put …

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Harsh Realities

Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network

When I read the news every morning, I don’t expect to read good things. If I read about a bombing in the Middle East or the murder of a gay teen in Puerto Rico I’m certainly upset about it, but it’s sad to say that I almost expect it. Our world is fueled by hate, and it always seems to have been. But this morning I came across an article that even I didn’t expect to encounter, and sadly it’s familiar to me, more familiar than it ever should be.

This study, Harsh Realities: The Experiences of Transgender Students in School carried out by the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Network, is about transgendered youth in American high schools. Its contents are highly disturbing. …

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Thanks to feministing and reader Ashley S for the tip - if you haven't seen this yet...well you just have to. Maybe with more and more and content out there in the world like this, more people will begin to understand...I can only hope.

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