Feminism | Posted by Jenae S on 02/21/2011

More Than A Vagina: A Critique of the Vagina Monologues

For anyone who doesn’t know, The Vagina Monologues is an episodic play written by Eve Ensler. Each monologue deals with an issue relating to the vagina. Topics cover everything from love and masturbation to rape and mutilation. Every year my university puts on a production, and I’ve seen it twice now. Two viewings were enough for me to know that the play makes me feel uncomfortable.

It’s not the open discussion of sex that caused the discomfort, but the generalization of women, the idea that a vagina is what makes a woman, and most of all the reduction of all women to vaginas. Women are more than vaginas; I am more than my vagina. The Vagina Monologues presents the idea that all women have vaginas so all women can associate …

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Awareness | Posted by Julie Z on 04/29/2009

Angie Zapata Conviction

Some good news emerged last week from the awful murder case of Angie Zapata, a transgendered young woman who was murdered by Allen Andrade in a terrible hate crime. The conviction– first-degree murder and life in prison without parole– is a landmark decision as far as transgender hate crimes have gone.

I’m really happy about this verdict- but obviously, at the same time there is so much sadness in this whole case. Especially the part about how the defense’s argument was essentially that Andrade was justified in murdering Zapata because he was under the impression that Zapata was a biological male, and murdered because he was “in the heat of passion.”

Yes, because HE was confused about somebody else’s gender, it’s reasonable that he should want to murder the person …

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