Feminism | Posted by Brenna McCaffrey on 04/25/2011

Violence in Baltimore Evidence of Transphobic Culture

the scene of the crime

(Warning: The following video link shows real and brutal violence.)

This video, which surfaced on the internet yesterday morning, shows a transgender woman being beaten by two female customers at a McDonald’s restaurant in Baltimore, Maryland. The two young women appear to have attacked the woman after realizing she was transgender, brutally and violently kicking and hitting her as she curls into a ball on the ground. The physical violence, which eventually caused the woman to suffer a seizure on the floor of the same McDonald’s, is only a piece of the injustice. Out of the employees and fellow customers in the store, only two feebly attempt to help the woman. The others stand by, cheering on the two attackers and filming the whole …

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Feminism | Posted by Regina on 02/23/2011

The Link Between Beauty, Privilege and the Media

the link between beauty and privilege

the link between beauty and privilege

We don’t live in a vacuum. Our ideas, our lexicon, and our beliefs are shaped by outside forces like society, culture, environment, and religion. Fields like sociology and anthropology prove that.

Words matter. You said something heterosexist because your parents / the media / your religion told you; you weren’t born a bigot. Forces like that reflect and shape your ideas. When people, especially celebrities, say transphobic things they fuel transphobia and other people think it is ok because their ideas aren’t challenged. Their bigotry is reinforced every day by outside forces like that. We are conditioned to say things that hurt other people, but we don’t change it because it seems like it doesn’t affect your reality.

That’s where privilege comes from. If …

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Feminism | Posted by Steph on 01/2/2010

Why I Don’t Like Pride

no gay pride?

no gay pride?

But Steph, you may say: you’re trans, and sort of a lesbian – queer as hell! You should love pride!

And yes, I should. But I don’t. There are a few reasons, all compelling.

1) Transphobia. Full stop. Pride organizations worldwide ignore trans people and their individual struggles, choosing instead to focus on the needs of the (cis) white middle class men(and it is overwhelmingly gay men, and not lesbians)Source 1Source 2. Groups like the HRC and EGALE Canada have tried to distance themselves from trans communities(source), in order to make themselves more palatable to their intended heterosexual audiences. Which brings me to

2) Assimilation.
It seems that a lot of the goals of the modern pride movement are concerned with fitting …

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