Feminism | Posted by Julie Z on 01/31/2011

Femen: How Ukraine Does Feminist Protesting

Femen Ukraine

Femen Protesters

The relationship between feminists and our bodies is a complicated one. Where as our general goal is to have ownership of and the ability to make choices about our bodies, we’re stuck in a society that wants to take that control away. We’re bombarded with images of exploited bodies every day. We’re told what our bodies should look like (the anatomically ridiculous stick with giant balloons attached to our chests) and what we should do with them (be sexually available but, for the love of God, not slutty. But not prudish either).

The feminist body conundrum is perfectly exemplified by the Ukranian organization “Femen.” Essentially, Femen is a feminist group of about 300 women who believe the best way to spread their aversion to things like …

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A Little F'd Up | Posted by Julie Z on 07/22/2009

a pointless article about Ukranian women

foot in mouth

hey there pretty ukranian lady

Biden: “[Ukranian women are] the most beautiful women in the world. That’s my observation.”

To me, a sufficient response to that comment would be a sigh, an eye roll, understood disappointment that such a comment came from our VP. But, no, the New York Daily news thought this comment deserved an entire article. But not even an article on the stupidity of this comment. What follows is 350 words of supposed proof that Ukranian women are beautiful.

With quotes like, “He came, he saw and he told the truth,” said Vlada Khmarska, 20, who lives in Odessa for the summer. “Everyone who visits Ukraine says so – Ukrainian girls are beautiful.”


“I think he nailed it,” added Sasha Sobolyewa. “The women there are beautiful …

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