Feminism | Posted by Jessie W on 12/7/2010

Veganism, Dieting and Why I Felt Like I Had to Change

My sophomore year of high school, thinking I’d be healthier, skinnier, and for humane reasons, my parents coerced me into becoming vegan. I hardly ate – because of my dislike of beans and other vegan staple foods, I had basically the same food for every meal – and despite constantly exercising, my metabolism slowed and I gained twenty pounds over a five month period. Both of my parents’ cholesterol dropped by one hundred points and they were losing weight, so why wasn’t I? My doctor told me I was still growing, not getting necessary nutrients, and eating too little, therefore I had to return to eating meat and oil (which we were also avoiding).

In a way, I felt like a failure, but I decided to focus my energy on …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Claire L on 08/12/2010

It’s Not All Skinny Love

No, I didnt eat tainted seafood...this was on purpose

No, I didn't eat tainted seafood...this was on purpose

The fashion world is oft misconstrued as lovin’ on the skinny-types and leaving us with un-concaved bellies and fleshy arms feeling lovelorn. However this is an undue misconception which must be eliminated as it is, in fact, not entirely true. Big lips, big lashes; behold the pudgy juggernauts of noughties beauty.

Are your lips on the lean side? Fatten them up artificially and you too can resemble an allergy victim! Use a ‘lip plumper’ for distended lips with a purplish tinge for that freshly-beaten-housewife look we all covet.

The quintessential ‘lip plumper’, which you’ll know if you’ve ever cracked open the pages of Vogue, is DuWop’s Lip Venom. Smear your gaunt mouth with this syrupy goodness and within minutes your …

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Danielle B on 07/20/2010

“Phat” Girl in a Skinny World

When you’re the only fat girl in your 2nd grade class, kids can be pretty mercilous. As someone who’s been overweight their entire life I’ve heard every joke and jab imaginable: ugly, fat-ass, puffer fish, ugly fat-ass puffer fish. And even when some of the other kids would try to make me feel better, sometimes saying I was just “big-boned,” that never did any good because I still knew 99% of the kids in my class – probably my school – were looking at me and seeing “the fat girl.” Not Danielle. Not me.

I don’t think people realize how hard it is to grow up fat. There seems to be this underlying hostility towards overweight people, and in many cases, it’s worse against overweight girls. After all, I’m supposed …

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