Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 10/29/2011

Saturday Vids: Fifty People, One Question

Warm fuzzies abound.

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 09/17/2011

Saturday Vids: Secret Girl Language

Why? Because Pretty Little Liars is my guilty pleasure, because this made me laugh out loud and because we're GURLZ (duh).

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Feminism | Posted by Marissa K on 08/13/2011

Saturday Vids: Magazines, Media and Myself

I used to have a little tradition of buying a cheesy teen magazine during the first week of summer and lying on the beach reading about the perfect nail polish color, or how to make your skin appear flawless. The primary reason I enjoyed this was because I knew it was pure junk, and that most of it could not be accurate. Yet I recently began to look into how inaccurate these magazines are in portraying how teenage girls are and should be, while also considering the effects on the self-esteem of many readers. Because even I, who laughed at most of the spreads on the glossy pages, felt my happiness with my body disintegrate a bit each time I picked up one of those magazines. A few weeks ago I attended the Young Women's Leadership Institute at Barnard College, and I decided that I should focus on body image and the media's effects on the minds and bodies of young girls. I learned so much from all the girls I talked to at the program, from the classes and workshops I participated in, and from all the research I conducted on the subject. There is just so much to say about the issue of magazines and media and their effects on teenage girls' perception of themselves. One portion of my group's project included a video in which we interviewed many girls participating in the Young Women's Leadership Institute. I hope you watch this video and spread the message!

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 12/25/2010

Saturday Vids: In Honor of Christmas, Jews and Bill Nighy

I didn't commemorate Hanukkah so I'm just going to go ahead and honor all holiday festivities right here, right now. "A Public Service Announcement not approved by AJWS" created by Judd Apatow.

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Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 12/11/2010

Saturday Vids: Confessions of a Hipster

I love Confessions of a Hipster. I also like it when teen girls make super successful YouTube videos.

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