Pop-Culture | Posted by Sarah F on 07/31/2009

The Fatal Generalizations in the Teen Movie

at least theyre up front about the stereotypes in this one


at least they're up front about the stereotypes in this one


Teen movies very obviously base themselves on harmless stereotypes: the jock, the bitch, the nerd, etc.– stereotypes so deeply rooted into our expectations of the genre that we can’t be bothered to think about other possibilities. However, after re-watching the awesomely awful Whatever It Takes for the first time in at least four years, I started to see something recognizably offensive that I had not yet noticed before: it seems that the typical teen movie’s female characters are, more often than not, projections of the archetypal male’s virgin/whore complex. Characters can only be one or the other, and there is no inbetween.

While teen movies are generally oversexed as a selling point, there’s an underlying tone of moral retribution …

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