Feminism, Pop-Culture | Posted by Julie Z on 04/23/2009

The Axe Effect (gag me)

And there you have it. Axe is just so enticing, women revert to their animalistic instincts, beating off each other, running miles, just to reach this delicious piece of man meat. I'm actually surprised that they're wearing bikinis. Why not go the whole way and just have them be naked? Where's that subtler sexism I'm getting so used to now? You know, the kind where there's no doubt in your mind it's sexist, but it's not as easy to convince people about it as you'd think. Not true for this commercial. Axe has brought back the good old sexism we were just getting around to missing: mass numbers of blatantly sexualized women craving just one studly guy. The biggest problem with this commercial is it falls into that category of: Why Can't Feminists Ever Take a Joke? I've tried to talk about this commercial with guys. It's always "they're just kidding," or, "it's not like it's real, it's just a fantasy, so what's the problem." ...

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