Pop-Culture | Posted by Mareike S on 05/7/2012

Why Does Exceptionally Smart = Crazy On TV?

Now, before launching into this, let me make one thing clear: I love the TV show Bones and have for a long time. I also kind of like Rizzoli & Isles, but there’s one thing that’s been irking me about these two series, even though they feature women in the leading roles and (especially in the case of Bones) have diverse casts. My problem is the fact that while both Temperance Brennan of Bones and Maura Isles of Rizzoli & Isles are portrayed as unusually smart and gifted females, they are also portrayed as socially awkward to a point that borders on a psychological disorder.

As anyone who has read The Yellow Wallpaper might know, there’s been a long standing tradition of portraying women as crazy and in need …

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Feminism | Posted by Jill L on 08/23/2010

The Sex of the Scientist

Despite emerging from them under the vague impression that everything had gone well, I am currently awaiting my exam results with a degree of aprehension, multiplied by a summer of post-exam discussion and dissection.
However, sitting these papers confirmed something to me which I have long suspected. Whenever I exited the exam hall, I would be greeted by my contempoaries standing in huddles and, broadly speaking, the conversations would sound a bit like this. I’ll set the scene.

(Tuesday Afternoon, Outside School, Post Chemistry exam, Rain)
Boy 1- How do you think that went?
Boy 2- I aced it. Seriously. Probably did the best out of all of everyone who has ever sat the exam ever. It went brilliantly. It was so easy. Not going to lie, I was fantastic. …

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